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Our customers care about value, quality, and sustainability. Horton Furniture delivers on its promise to bring you the very best in living room furniture at affordable prices. It's the foundation of our business, and our reputation is built on our commitment to exceeding the standard. Our goal is to provide the best and most affordable living room furniture sets in Dudley, MA so that you come back to us again and again. We know how important it is for you to make your home and family comfortable, so we make it simple to select and purchase the furniture that speaks to you. No matter what style or design you're looking for, we have something that fits the bill, so visit us today!

Check out our extensive collection of high quality living room furniture sets in our Dudley, MA store. From Ashley, the largest furniture manufacturer in the United States, to the Southern charm of Lancer, Horton Furniture has it all. We also carry dynamic décor lines by Best to give your room style and distinction, with a wide range of colors and styles to choose from. All of our furniture is well-made and durable, guaranteed to serve your family with long-lasting strength. Ask us about our premium collections during your visit, and we'll show you our favorites!

Hortons FurnitureAshley
With over 50 years of innovation and experience in the furniture industry, The Ashley Companies (Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.) have become a true manufacturing leader for quality furniture products. They strive to be the number one retail store in America by offering a wide variety of dynamic decor lines for your home and office. Ashley is proud of their past and encouraged by their future.

Bellecraft Bellecraft
Bellecraft continues the New England tradition of crafting durable, well-made furniture that lasts for generations. Using both traditional and modern techniques, Bellecraft combines the best of both worlds to bring you high quality items at an affordable price. They specialize in high-end tables, TV stands, desks, hutches, wall shelves, and more. All products are made, proudly, in America, using American materials.

The name says it all. Since 1962, Best Furniture has been providing top-quality home and office furniture to their valued customers. They specialize in the world’s finest chairs, recliners, sofas, rockers, and tables. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is second to none. When you need the best, buy the Best.

Lancer Lancer 
The Lancer name plate is one of the most trusted names in the upholstered furniture industry. They invest in the right facilities, latest technology, employee training, and product education to provide you with unsurpassed quality. Their upholstered sofas and chairs are only available through authorized retailers but their tremendous value is available to all.

Liberty Furniture is an experienced provider of all-wood products for the bedroom, dining room, living room, home, and office. They use high-quality wood with the best veneers - Rubbed Black and Tobacco, Dark Rustic Oak, Aged Cognac, and Tropical Brown Cherry finishes - for the best products. In addition, they build their products with strong, durable hardware to ensure long-lasting beauty and true structural integrity.

Peters-Revington Peters-Revington
Peters- Revington specializes in high-quality home and office furniture. They believe that a company needs a reason to exist in an ever-changing market. Peters-Revington exists to manufacture and sell their products with integrity, craftsmanship, efficiency, and a real sense of customer service.

Pulaski Pulaski
Renowned for their fine craftsmanship and refined style, Pulaski Furniture ranks among the best-known consumer brands. They offer a wide variety of bedroom, dining, and youth furniture, as well as a variety of cabinets, all at affordable prices. Pulaski Furniture focuses on the future - constructing Build-a-Bear youth furniture for the Millennial Generation - but never forgets its deep American roots and humble beginnings: constructing their very first pieces in the 1950’s.